Collecting Geophysical Data with a Magnetic Survey Around the Globe

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What Is a Magnetic Survey?

A magnetic survey is a method of collecting important geophysical data from a specific area. Magnetic surveys around the globe are effective geophysical exploration tools which take readings of the differences in magnetic fields that exist naturally in an area. This data can be collected and interpreted to create geophysical mappings which provide essential information regarding the presence of magnetic ores and other mineral commodities.
This information is especially valuable for Junior mining and mineral exploration companies who use geophysical maps to identify anomalies which are often associated with potential concentrations of specific elements in a given survey area which may lead to exploratory drilling.

Using Airborne Magnetic Surveys Around the Globe

Airborne magnetic surveys involve the use of specially modified aircraft and sensors to perform magnetic surveys from a distance above the ground. Airborne surveys greatly improve the speed in which the survey can be completed and the area which can be surveyed. They also make it easier to plan and execute magnetic surveys in challenging and remote terrain.
It is known that different valuable magnetic ores and mineral commodities exist in large concentrations all over the world. Airborne magnetic surveys provide a cost-effective method for initial exploration attempts to discover concentrations of magnetic ores.  Airborne surveys make it possible to collect geophysical data from remote locations and locations that present challenging terrain.
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